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In this episode I talked with self development blogger Simona Rich.  You can tell from Simona's confident tone that her wisdom is born from experience.  Simona and I talk about how to wake up from the slumber of mediocrity, drudgery, and suffering.  We also discuss how meditation can process emotions and memories.  Last, Simona gives me a nice reminder that you cannot force people to change, you can only be there for people who are open and ready.  There are a lot of great resources on her site.  See Below. 

From SimonaRich.com: 

My posts are born out of life experiences and observations

  • deep, thoughtless meditations
  • finding inner peace and balance
  • practicing yoga
  • failures and successes (failures teach much more)
  • traveling on my own

My current blog themes are two – Self-Mastery and Clarity

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