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 I am a licensed therapist and mentor. Through countless first-hand examples and years of personal practice, I discovered that our most difficult circumstances and our greatest challenges hold the key to our healing and unfolding. For over ten years, I have helped clients transform, open and heal. My work is a friendly invitation to come back to center and discover who you are. Through pointed questions, skillful conversations and guided explorations in workshops, groups, private sessions and satsang, I help my clients disentangle, heal and integrate unresolved pain and shed outgrown positions while guiding them back to Wholeness.
I work with a varied clientele on many therapeutic & psycho-spiritual goals, in a personalized, dynamic and compassionate way. I can help you navigate through difficult transitions & emotions, get unstuck, and deal effectively with anger, anxiety, grief & unresolved traumas. The journey is in living life wide open, intimately and fearlessly.
My goal is to help my clients discover what they long for, investigate what they wish to be free off & transcend what keeps them bound. I am the author of "Beyond The Storm: A Guide to Emotional Freedom and the Peace that is Always Already Here"  http://ilsacomte.com/Offerings.html
To learn more about the podcast you can go to http://www.MasteryOfChange.com
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