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In this episode Paul and I talk about our personal journeys with anxiety along with thoughts on therapy and medication.  Furthurmore we discuss emotional causes of anxiety and emotional release.  We also discuss diet, exercise, socialization, and CBT/inquiry.  

From Paul's site:

AnxietyGuru.Net is a blog and podcast born out of my desire to help those that struggle with anxiety, panic and depression.  It’s my sincere attempt to reach people that feel lost in their anxiety, hopeless about recovery and are simply confused about what’s happening to them. For over 10 years I lived with general anxiety disorder.  In the past I was panicked, depressed and consumed with fear about the future. I know what you’re going through.  I didn’t learn about this from someone else or do some kind of really interesting doctoral dissertation.  This is my life.  Who I am.  What I know.  Being the over analytical person that I am led me to study my former condition. I’ve tried to not only understand anxiety disorders from an empirical perspective but I have also contemplated all possible modes of coping with them and I want to share what I know with you.  This site is part self help guide, part information source and a look into how someone beat anxiety.

You can learn more about the materials from this podcast at http://www.MasteryOfChange.com

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